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Builders Cleans - Our Definitions 

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Construction Clean: This is when we come in and sweep and mop the floors, so that anything that is currently on the floor i.e: glue, paint, silicone, can be removed by us or the persons responsible. The choice is yours. We can then also remove larger rubbish items and place them in a skip/bin that is provided.

​Builders Clean: A Builders Clean refers to the removal of general filth from site in preparation for the ‘Sparkle/Final Clean’ which enables the renovation or new build to be handed back to the builder for final rectifications. We prefer to work on the basis that when we are on site to do a builders clean, the trades are working elsewhere, therefore we can clean the area and you can see any defects, we can also help you find those. 

Sparkle/Final Clean: This service is a ‘concentrated clean’ to all areas including floors, walls, fixtures and fittings. Our sparkle clean is preferably done after the defects have been rectified and all fixings are in place, however we understand that is not always going to be possible.