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About Us

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We are working to increase awareness of the green aspect of commercial cleaning.  Our aim is to become known in the environmentally friendly commercial cleaning industry.

Being exposed constantly to harsh chemicals is obviously not good for anyone’s health and as cleaners, we are impacted more than most. 

Over time of researching ways of becoming greener we have discovered that there are products on the market that create fewer fumes, lingering smells, skin irritations and leave less residue, therefore causing lower incidences of health problems.

It is our aim to eliminate all non-green products being used. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions for our client's varied cleaning needs.  Our relationships with our clients are paramount to our success. We spend time with you to obtain a detailed plan of your cleaning requirements.

Our staff members are conscientious, fully trained, reliable and committed to our company philosophy of quality, reliability, consistency and effective service.